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Repair Service Dodge Dakota Durango Ram Kelsey-hayes Abs Control Module

Repair Service Dodge Dakota Durango Ram Kelsey-hayes Abs Control Module
Repair Service Dodge Dakota Durango Ram Kelsey-hayes Abs Control Module

Repair Service Dodge Dakota Durango Ram Kelsey-hayes Abs Control Module   Repair Service Dodge Dakota Durango Ram Kelsey-hayes Abs Control Module
REPAIR & RETURN SERVICE REPAIR SERVICE DODGE DAKOTA DURANGO RAM KELSEY-HAYES ABS CONTROL MODULE. The Repair and return process is pretty simple and helps you avoid paying the high cost of a new abs module through your dealer. Swansea, IL 62226 Attn: R&R/(your name here).

Please make sure to include a note detailing the issues your vehicle is having and any trouble codes the vehicle is throwing. Make sure to include a contact number which we will only use if we run into an issues with the repair.

Step 3: The module arrives for repairs! Step 4: Since this is your module it will return repaired, cleaned and ready for plug and play installation! This is a full rebuild, not just a reflow.

There are internal components that are always replaced, solder reflowing and over 10 components that are tested and repaired as needed. Your module case and pins will also be cleaned so it is ready for install when you receive it back! Please make sure your connector is free of debris, oil, dirt etc etc so a good connection is made!

Please note that sometimes the damage to an engine computer is not repairable. If not we may have the module you need in stock and will go over options with you. Please make sure all other sensors related to your abs system are checked and verified working. In all cases where there is an issue rest assured we will work with you to get your vehicle up and running! 13354723 13354732 13451831 52010211 52010226 13318607- A13318636- B 13318637- A 13318637- B 13488511- B 52009397 52009431 52009701 52009733 52009818 52009896 52010032 52010033 52010072 52010073 52010074 52010149 52010212 52010219 52010224 52010227 52010390 52010397 52010424 52010428 52110033 52110034 52121406 52121407 52121408 52121409 52121410 56040259 56040260 52009705 52009710 52009834 52009897 52010034 52010213 52010396 56028410 52009397AD 52009397AE 52009431AD 52009431AF 52009431AG 52009701AD 52009701AF 52009701AG 52009733AD 52009733AE 52009733AF 52009818AF 52009896AF 52010032AD 52010033AD 52010033AE 52010072AD 52010072AE 52010073AC 52010073AE 52010074AF 52010149AE 52010149AE 52010212AD 52010219AD 52010224AE 52010227AC 52010227AE 52010390AB 52010390AD 52010397AG 52010424AC 52010428AC 52110033AD 52110033AE 52110034AE 52121406AB 52121406AC 52121406AD 52121407AB 52121407AC 52121408AB 52121409AB 52121409AE 52121410AB 52121410AD 56040259AF 56040260AF 52009431AE 52009705AF 52009710AF 52009834AD 52009897AD 52009897AE 52010032AE 52010032AF 52010033AB 52010034AB 52010073AD 52010213AH 52010219AF 52010224AD 52010224AF 52010396AH 52110034AD 52121408AD 52121409AD 52121410AE 56028410AG. If you do not see your part number, no worries, we can repair all 1998 to 2004 MOPAR Kelsey Hayes ABS module as pictured. During checkout you will be able to choose one of the following. If you live in a remote area this service may takes 2 days. UPS Next Day Air Saver - Guaranteed 1 day service. Your Part Source specializes in providing recycled oem auto parts and quality remanufactured auto parts!

Serving our clients since 2008 our seasoned staff of electronic repair techs provides affordable alternatives to the high cost of new car parts. Purchasing a recycled auto part or a remanufactured part is also a great way to go green and help the environment.

Choosing one of our reliable remanufactured parts also prevents our buyers from trudging through their local junk yard only to install a part that no longer works, ugh! A growing Midwestern company, we pride ourselves on quality workmanship and superior customer service!

Give us a try today! Our goal is to provide the best customer service possible! We have a guaranteed 24 hour response time to emails received 7 days a week 365 days a year!

We are here to serve you! Knowing trouble codes, symptoms, parts numbers etc etc will help our seasoned staff resolve any issues as quickly as possible so we can help get your vehicle up and running!

We will do what we can to get you the part you need! Every part is professionally pre-wrapped for protection before being boxed! We then use premium fill and boxes plus foam or bubble-wrap if necessary all to make sure you receive your part undamaged!

This will help our staff work with you on a quick resolution! We know purchasing parts for your vehicle can be confusing and frustrating. We would love to earn your business and provide a superior product and great customer service! We think you will be glad you did! This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\Car & Truck Parts & Accessories\Starters, Alternators, ECUs & Wiring\ECUs & Computer Modules".

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  1. Brand: Dodge
  2. Other Part Number: 52009701AG 52009705AF 52009710AF 52010033AF
  3. Type: Antilock Brake System (ABS) Module
  4. Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime
  5. Interchange Part Number: 52010397AH 52010424AC 52110034AD 52121409AD
  6. OE/OEM Part Number: 52010032AE 52010032AF 52010033AB 52010034AB 52010073AD
  7. Manufacturer Part Number: 13318637-B 13488511-B 52009397AE 52009431AG
  8. Terminal Type: Pin
  9. Features: Optimal Durability
  10. Superseded Part Number: 52010073AD 52010227AC 52010390AB 52010390AD
  11. Terminal Quantity: 2
  12. Placement on Vehicle: Front

Repair Service Dodge Dakota Durango Ram Kelsey-hayes Abs Control Module   Repair Service Dodge Dakota Durango Ram Kelsey-hayes Abs Control Module